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As I was coming to this morning, I thought about the new GOP mantra:  “Obama doesn’t get it.”

This verbal sneer is on the lips of the old guard and the new.  I started wondering what it is truly that BarackObama is viewed as not getting, as he has acknowledged that the economy has been very slow to acrue the momentum necessary for true recovery and that the unemployment rate is still high.

It’s not enough for him to address these things and state that he bears responsibility for them,  evidently; the GOP wants him to grovel.  The GOP faults him for the fact that he’s in Asia right now.  They continue to criticize him for everything, including deriding him for dancing with Indian children for thirty seconds yesterday, as if it were a measured and conscious slap in the face of the new House.

If the somewhat obvious and silly photo-op was a covert “F-you” to the GOP, that would certainly be ingenious and disingenuous on the part of the Pres.  But at any rate, it finally occurred to me that in fact, the GOP and the Tea Party do not “get” Barack Obama.  This would explain so much fear-mongering and hate speech, and how when the Republicans in Congress have been stonewalling since Day 1, they have made Barack Obama the problem.

To “get” Barack Obama requires the ability to discern–and believe– that he is a brilliant and fundamentally compassionate and visionary human being.  This, in turn, requires both depth of intellect and the humanitarian attunements that define, for better or worse, a progressive mien more than a conservative one.

Listen to Sean Hannity, Eric Cantor, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sara Palin, Michele Bachmann.  You will hear an absence of depth of thought, of circumspection, of open-mindedness– of brain power.  What is the average IQ among this merry band of flag-waving nay-sayers?

It’s just a fact of life that genetically speaking some people are born brilliant and interesting and charismatic and others aren’t.  How charismatic and quick is Eric Cantor?  Rand Paul?  And that phallic looking guy in a suit, McConnell?  Yes we are one people, but there are drones and dregs among us.

Sorry to hit below the belt this way, but that’s where you Conservatives live:  below reasonable, rational discourse, and beneath contempt, really.

You cannot stand that the President would conduct himself so presidentially as to go to Asia as an honest to God head of state, to stand up to you, that he won’t come to you groveling.

Why would he apologize to the American people if he doesn’t believe he has anything to apologize for?  Moreover, did you hear him the day after the Midterms? Didn’t I hear some taking of responsibility, perhaps too much, for some of us, who don’t want him to bow down to the GOP?

I said it before and I”ll say it again:  about 40% of the electorate turned out for the midterms.  The outcome is not a mandate and those who think it is are gravely self-deceived.