Up all night and not happy about it but what can you… I got interested in mindless things: the Clooney- Canalis relationship, for instance.  I looked at photos of Villa Oleandra, which he bought from the Heinz family, and at Canalis.  Oh, George, I think you’ve set yourself up again.  She’s gorgeous, that Elisabetta, but other than being eye-bling….do you think she’s on your brainy wave-length?

If I were young and slim I would do just what she’s doing to you in the photo below.  Other photos of her reinforce the notion that Italian women are the most beautiful.  I used to be beautiful in my own Irish cowgirl way….scroll down to see GC’s Lake Como Villa….

#3612954 EXCLUSIVE... Italian model Elisabetta Canalis continues to be the envy of women everywhere as George Clooney’s newest girlfriend and she made sure to grab tightly on to her new property on the dance floor of Venice, Italy’s Hotel Cipriani. With his hand still wrapped after an injury from slamming his hand in a car door, Clooney held Canalis close on the dance floor, whispering into her ear. As he gently kissed her neck, Canalis smiled and grabbed Clooney’s butt to give it a tight squeeze.    Fame Pictures, Inc - Santa Monica, CA, USA - +1 (310) 395-0500


George Clooney’s Villa Oleandra