So my bro is in the area; we haven’t seen each other in a few years.  I love my bro but we are currently at opposite ends of certain things: he’s all about “recovery” as in dancing the twelve-step, and while I’m very proud of his sobriety and his work as a painter, I’m about self-acceptance and not trying to be perfect…

Meanwhile, have you heard the obnoxious rumor that President Obama’s trip is costing 200 Million a day?  Some Indian wack-job high on hash put that in an article and it got picked up like the plague.  Limbaugh, Beck and the other trolls trumpeted it out onto the airwaves.  Michelle Bachman began mewling piteously.

Therefore, it took someone like Anderson Cooper over at 360 o to step up, and he did.  We need reasonable and well-informed people in these times;

watch this.