The shoe has fallen and Boehner has spoken as the brand new Speaker of the House.  Don’t believe his weepy rhetoric.  No one ever stole America– we have had a forward looking president for two years who will now be faced with a cocky and even more obdurate GOP.

Boehner threw down the glove tonight, demanding that Obama change course.   But what about your agenda?  You,  GOP, in the days and months to come, will hang yourselves for lack of moral fortitude and vision to deal with the economy and terrorism– for starters. Where was any conciliatory rhetoric in the first of what will be many victory laps this week?

If we forget what the GOP has done to emasculate Obama and convince the “low information” voter that he is not a real American, we’ll be in trouble.  More than ever we need to support the man we put into office two years ago.