Post Obama press conference, a few lingering thoughts;

40 percent of registered voters turned out, tops.  So given that 80 percent turned out in 08, how much of a mandate to “change course” and against the administration/presidency is the fact that the GOP took the house?

I see this dubious victory as an indication of the impact fear-mongering can have on the half-informed– of apathy on the Left, and utter absence of the 18-30 voter base that did give Obama the presidency.

The first time that any tea partier or Republican uttered the words “We have to take America back,” which presumes that the country was somehow stolen in 08,  and the election therefore illegitimate, the pendulum began to swing.

Today the President stated his willingness to work with the GOP.  But I believe that the GOP is constitutionally incapable of compromise, and is entrenched in its own myopia.

Obama says he reads his fan mail– let’s all send him some.  In a thousand lifetimes I would rather have Obama as my president than any member of the GOP with its universally closed mind and lack of vision and imagination.