(Re the banner photo:  these “senators” are the fabulous international champions of Moondust Golden Retrievers, Nederlands, bred, trained and photographed by Fred Smink.)

It is now election day.  For my take earlier on the Obama presidency, click here.

Here are some things to ponder.

We have the amazing ability, we humans, to project our fears upon others, their differences from us, and their words.

Accordingly many of us are about to operate out of fear rather than fact, emotion rather than reason.

What are the odds that a Muslim Extremist would get himself elected president of the United States and that the American people were seduced? Are we really that gullible and that naive?

What are the odds that we are actually and actively headed toward socialism?  For that matter, what is socialism?  If you think it’s government-run everything, you’re wrong.

Does the fact that Obama’s middle name is Hussein mean anything?  Or is it just a name, given to him at birth?

Does the fact that the WH posted a certified copy of the birth certificate at the White House site mean anything?

Does the hue and cry over impeachment seem out of left field, over the top, crazy?  If not, why not?

As a geriatric member of the liberal intelligentsia I can attest to having done drugs, slept around, been a member of Students for a Democratic Society, marched in the streets against the Viet Nam War and on occasion driven drunk.

Am I who I am today, or am I still that person?

We need to vote with our brains and bring reason to bear on the insanity that is about to reinstate the GOP in Congress and set in motion the worst gridlock we have ever seen.  Please pass it on that it has never been more important to think and have the facts.