Update– the first comments in on my new title poem for my new mss up at La Parola Vivace.  Today’s post includes the following excerpt:

“I’ve written many poems that draw on imagery from opera and other classical music, as well as having it in my mind and alluded to in several poems that my poetic soul identifies with the mocking bird– that it is plain, yet with a spectacular imitative repertoire– thirty musical patterns, in sequence,  from other birds in addition to its own song– that it sings at night, especially when the moon is full (I have insomnia), and that it co-parents with its mate, generally mating for life– I like these things about it– and I no doubt would have mated for life and co-parented had I had the option…” — to read the rest of this post and see the poem I am showcasing, please click here


I put up a post on my new mss of poetry, with title poem, at La Parola Vivace– The Lively Word, my alter-ego’s blog–

And, I can’t believe I’m entertaining participating in Nanowrimo this year– it is so big that the site can scarcely be accessed.  Use this link to get to the main site and read all about this great worldwide challenge to writers of all stripes!


We have to wonder just who we’re obliging when we don’t stand up for ourselves.

I’m talking about the interpersonal stand, personal conviction— as well as the fact that we are at the eleventh hour of the Great Fiasco called the midterm elections:  the GOP and company are trolling for votes like Great White Sharks troll coastal waters for seals and other prey.

We don’t want to be shark attack victims– or any kind of victims.  So we have to defend the hard-won health care we all deserve– not to mention getting behind that classy dude in the White House who, given much of a chance, could have been the Unifier we had hoped he would be and who has continued to stick to his guns and attempt to act in a principled manner.

The GOP is mercenary and relentless, eager to hand the welfare of the people to underwater predators.  Will we let them?

Here’s an excercise:  I’m not going to put up with++++++++++ any more.  What a great idea for a list, an empowering series of written down decisions.  I think I’ll try it.