The force that through the green fuse

drives the flower/ is my destroyer…


Dylan Thomas


I cover myself in grey; the color

Washes out of my hair.  My teeth

Become old bone chips in a mouth

Sugar has long invaded.


My flesh pales; I spread out

into my old cotton body rags

I cannot stand the sight of myself


Is eating me alive


My right leg puffs and swells

The knee off to one side, the repair failed

And I go through the world pushing

An aluminum cage in front of me; I lean

Into the very wind.


I tease myself:

Not enough plums,

That I once burned

My bartered-for

red Italian shoes?


Let me keep on

A little longer

This way

In denial

Let me forget

That each hour

I drag myself to shore

Unisexed in oilcloth


I take to the air in undulant cries

I send an obligato over dark fields

Song my home, this

Body, in freefall

contrail in the dusk.



copyright Jenne’ R. Andrews 2010