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Today posting two poems from my autumn poetry challenge– to write something on a theme of bounty that doesn’t mention apples or pumpkins….  The first lovely entries appear below– each simple, evocative poems.  Feel free to submit until the snow flies….



Robert calls me in February:

“Guess what?  Surprise!  I’m married!”

Russell walks a snowy campus

With the same load his brother carried.


Russell runs up the steps to see me

Home from school in spring;

Robert tills a muddy field,

Dreaming of growing things.


Russell writes his stories

Out of the summer sun,

Robert drives an old John Deere,

And leaves when his shift is done.


Robert gifts me with acorn squash

He planted at summer’s start;

Russell gifts me with language,

A bounty for my heart.


Laurie Blair


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Generous in its fragrance

The smell of hay bears

A cornucopia of fall’s delight


Miriam Ruff