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A big heart, a brilliant mind.

One of our greatest faculties is the ability to project our fears upon other people and circumstances and mistake that for reality. Maureen Dowd, writing in the NYT, had this to say recently:

“Just as some Americans once feared that John Fitzgerald Kennedy (who was a Catholic) would build a tunnel to Rome, now some fear that Barack Hussein Obama (whose name sounds scary) will build a tunnel to Mecca.

In “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds,” a history of such national follies as England’s South Sea Bubble and Holland’s Tulip Frenzy, the Scottish historian Charles Mackay observed: “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.”

He also concluded that people are more prone to believe the “Wondrously False” than the “Wondrously True.””

Well, here comes the Crunch, the Clutch, the Crush– the Follies and all of their petty would-be saints.

Those of us who believe that in putting Obama into office we did a good thing for the country and the world need to read the Media Matters debunking of Forbes‘ spurious article published last week.

This piece in MM provides terrific, grounded and founded arguments  against the theory that Barack Obama is some anti-American subversive who somehow ended up in the White House.

Every time Sara Palin puts on a clean pair of panty-hose she robotically pronounces Obama as a “socialist”– this, evidently, with no idea of what socialism is and what it is not. Unbelievably, we’re still hearing from “birthers” and Obamaphobists who think the President is a Muslim– as if that were a huge mark against him.

Thanks to Obamaphobia, Limbaugh, Beck and company have hijacked any residual circumspection on the part of the Far Right and trumpet across the air waves that the America you knew and loved has been stolen from you.

Put on your flak jackets and hit the streets.  All we have to arm ourselves with is the truth, and believe me, it’s out there– the Media Matters piece would be a good starting point for flyers and posts nation-wide.  The base that rolled up its sleeves and swayed public opinion in favor of a good, decent and brilliant human being, on the theory that we need such a person in the Oval Office, needs to get going.

The Obama-phobic coterie of blowhards intending to sweep the November elections  has neither the depth of intellect, the prowess, or the balls to lead a march, much less hold office and reasonably, rationally, represent a constituency.

Barack Obama has kept his promises to us, but we’re letting him down.  We needed, for the past two years, an America that was united behind its president, not the Tea Baggers– Tea-Party/Carpet Baggers….  America the Beautiful is not suffering because of anything done by Barack Obama; it is suffering because egotistical fat men who want some semblance of power back are ejaculating lies all over everyone else and because the Democratic Party has slid back into the apathy that gave rise to eight years of a war monger in the White House.