There are stunning poems up on the Huff Post here— the article is very good.



I hear your voice.  I reach for you then

You crawling along the floor, coughing,

While the operator

Says, “Calm down. Calm down.”


“I can’t see,” you whisper. “Where are they…”

“Coming, coming,” she says.– you answer:

“It’s hot.  Hot.  I’m so hot.”


Your voice trailing away; the crackle and roar

In the receiver


I watch birds, sudden tumbling human eagles,

arms outstretched

From on high, stilled, like Christ

Crucified, those arms out,

Tears streaming back to air

float down, somersault down,

Snag on metal, tear free, fall



Thud of sacks of autumn corn

Thrown on the back of the truck—


No. Look away.  Run.

The sound of humming angels.

Cries of the lost.  Smoke.

A fireman in a stairwell looking

at a camera, people

Who look like everyone


I reach for you.  I want

To know your name.

My hand, your hand,


Your mouth an O of gratitude

your hair

caressed by fire.