Wow– this is such a serene template it nearly puts me to sleep to look at it!  People have said a few of the others are hard to read, and I liked the typeface in this one.

But, I am literally brimming with excitement over having discovered Google’s Blogger last night.  I hate to say it, but its user-friendliness makes me feel like chucking WordPress….

First of all I already had a Google e-mail account– I like their e-mail as well–so very easy and ‘intuitive’.

So– I was part way there.  First step is to get a Google account– and it’s always good to have several e-mail accounts so that you can divert mail or send private mail or just because it’s fun–you can switch identities and good old Hotmail goes down all the time….. I forgive G-mail for losing my imported mail last fall..all 2,000 pieces of it…

Anyway. So then you just go to and try out the program.  I was up and running in about five minutes with a spiffy new blog with a stunning transparent template I love.

I’m not abandoning WordPress at this point and not ready to list URL of new blog, but thought I’d mention that a drunken monkey could use Blogger.  Maybe that’s Google’s thinking too, as when you open them today they spew balloons in your face…how did they do that!?!

At least when you try the thing out and choose from some publication ready templates, many blog features are already there for you.  The Word Processing Screen lets you control fonts/on your posts– a feature lacking in wordpress.  You aren’t over-confused with tricky options/widgets as you are in WordPress– and you don’t need to do as much selecting of buttons for various things and toggling of screens– extremely simple and time-saving.

Blogger just instituted a page option so that your blog can also be your web site– this is the feature that has worked so well for WordPress and we wordy folk. New is that you can download a Blogger toolbar to Word and publish to your blog directly from Word.  Not certain of the advantages there yet– more formatting options?  The RTF Editor on Blogger as noted is terrific.

do weigh in on my most recent posts if you have a minute, link me to whatever you’d like me to read, and stay tuned!  xxxj

Later, much later, I might look at the thousands of blog themes/templates for sale on line for all the blog hosts– but for now the one I chose suits me.  When I have something nice to unveil, I’ll post the URL.

My first post on that blog is a small rant from hearing about the “Christian” community center in Gainesville’s plan to burn a copy of the Islamic religious text on 9/11; like any thinking person I said it was a very, very bad idea.

I’ll be back here later with something tasty for my friends/fans/loyal followers…xxxj