Thanks for bearing with me while I try out different templates for a new look.  I personally like this one very much– it is lyrical!  The blog menu is working; the links to the pages referenced below are live!

Speaking of lyrical, I’ve added two pages: one is a sample chapter from Nightfall in Verona – A Poet’s Memoir, currently out in the world floating from the desk of one agent to another– the other, a page regarding my “forthcoming”– one hopes and prays– collection, Souvenirs, Secrets, Evidence, with a poem from the mss.  I’ll call your attention again to the rough chapter of the novel in progress that is a spin-off of the memoir– The Rose of Scylla–also on its very own page.

Not to be missed if you haven’t read them– my several essays of the past months categorized under Memoir and applicable category labels.  To find a post use the category lists, the calendar, the search box, the tag cloud…we have everything but a table of contents– I meant to annotate one but that was thousands of words ago….:)

On your daily blog tours I’m certain you inhale many many words.  But I’d still love for you to read mine– thanks.  j