It is concerning, or should be, to all  Americans that we are so very divided– over nearly everything.  But after arguing with myself about posting yet another polemical comment on my blog, I decided this:  each of us has a voice.  We need to use that voice, knowing that we won’t always agree.   We do not have an obligation to insure that the religion spawning hatred of all things Americn all over the world gets away with its civil rights intact.

A case in point: three years ago next week I took a plea to a misdemeanor for something never proved beyond reasonable doubt.  It was explained to me that since I agreed to a “conviction,” I would be viewed as a “criminal” and treated accordingly, as shocking as this might be.  My right to proof beyond reasonable doubt in the event of a probation revocation hearing was stripped away and other rights that I assert are limited by the fact that I pled “guilty”.

It is impossible for those directly impacted by 9-11 to view Islam as anything other than Jihad and criminal behvavior..  Yet there are those on the Left who think that the issue before us is whether we accord unfettered freedom of religion to all Americans or not.

No one is telling American Muslims they can’t practice their religion.  Asking those involved with the Cordoba Community Center in Lower Manhattan to take their business away from GZ does not deprive anyone of their First Amendment rights.  Can anyone logically dispute that these are entirely special circumstances.

This mess has reached the reductio ad absurdem point but all the more important in my view, to work through where each of us stands on that issue and others that involve the right to feel and be safe.  Please note that I do not condone our incursions into and occupation of other countries in which we–the U.S. — daily impact the security of others– the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan.