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I just heard Robert Gates on MSNBC say that Julian Assange will– not might– have blood on his hands for the leak of 90,000+ classified documents to the media and their posting online.

It is my personal opinion that setting aside the issue of whether any war is justified, a war in which we have occupied a country other than our own, are losing that war, our alleged ally in that war not a reliable and committed ally, with a  neighboring ally– Pakistan– supporting actions against us i.e. aiding the enemy, is a war that must be ended sooner rather than later.

If the actions of activist Julian Assange and his coterie at Wikileaks undermine the relationship between the U.S. Military and its sources among the Afghani people– and that is what it takes to bring this war to a halt– then so be it.  No one wants to see anyone killed.  But our children are being killed by a vicious guerrilla enemy hiding out in mountainous terrain when our true enemies, Al Qaeda, including the centipede Osama bin Laden,  are in the mountains of Pakistan and elsewhere.  The argument for fighting the Taliban is negated by the facts, and this month has seen the highest death toll of U.S. troops since the beginning of the war.  Whose hands are bloody?  Those– including the Administration– sending our kids into death traps for no good reason.