I wish I weren’t constrained by my bad leg and other things to my little routine here in Colorado. I would be organizing a movement to shut up and shut down the Tea Party.

If it isn’t obvious to every thinking person in this country that this organization is racist to the core, then read about it all– Mark Williams’ letter to the NAACP, and the fall-out since.

From Day 1 it has been glaringly apparent that this group is made up of paranoid wack-jobs, the dregs, from the figurative sticks, who parrot what they hear Limbaugh and Beck saying and can’t handle a brilliant and black President.

Let’s just hope they all continue to shoot themselves in the foot and erase themselves from the national scene.

America is every American’s country.  The flag does not belong to the Tea Party.  Caricaturing and smearing the President makes the person carrying the sign of Obama as the Joker look like a first-rate asshole.

Challenging Obama: Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and the newly-elected Republican senator Scott Brown

Anyone aligning themselves with this movement suffers from IDS– Intellectual Deficiency Syndrome.  When reasonable people think for themselves, good things happen.  When people fall for rhetoric and bullshit, look forward to bad and terrible things.

Update:  I took a look at Wikipedia on the Tea Party tonight. It’s very biased to the right, which means it is not balanced, which means that it is unreliable.  In any event, in the photo above we have the Joker sign and to the left, Obama as chimpanzee.  In the foreground, Limbaugh, Palin, and Brown.  These three musketeers and others of their ilk ought to disassociate themselves immediately from the lunatic fringe of the TP Movement, or their credibility such as it is, will go into the shitter.

The Tea Party seeks to legitimize itself by constant talk of adherence to the Constitution.  Very unfortunately, few members of the Tea Party appear to have the ability to support their arguments with facts, much less to demonstrate precisely–again with facts– how the Administration has behaved “unconstitutionally”.  The Constitution is a fluid document in the sense that it is to be applied and interpreted.  As far as I know, everyone believes in the importance of The Constitution.   The Republicans in Congress may, however, be said to be violating the mandates of their constituents:  to legislate, make policy, improve the quality of American life.  Obstruction and partisanship have made it nearly impossible for Obama to lead.

While professing patriotism, the TP is anti-democracy in its perpetuation of division.  It wants to be in charge and that we have a Democratic president and majority is the thorn in its side.