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Advocate w/ Mona Lisa smile in wheelchair with kitten....

Many thanks to all who said such wonderful things about yesterday’s saga of the rescue of the family piano.

Working on that essay was the sweet fraction of yesterday; the rest was given over to a fiasco.

My new physician at the local poor people’s clinic tried to get away with a real breach of “do no harm” yesterday.  She had refused to re-prescribe a drug for PTSD I’ve been on for twenty plus years until an appointment a month away, setting me up for a bitch of a withdrawal, in violation of the standard of medical care.

I had to drop everything and look up things like the Guidelines for the Prescription of Regulated Drugs in Colorado, and the Colorado Revised Statutes 18-18 something.  Lo and behold, she had the discretion to issue up to five refills without seeing me, and had only refilled three times.

I put this fact in front of her administrators and we had a show-down.  After I smelled “we don’t want you as our patient anymore” I invoked my civil rights including Title III of the ADA– that you can’t terminate a disabled person unless that person poses a direct threat to the health and safety of others, with the burden of proof on the provider– and gave my arguments for why I would have an airtight case for a personal injury/medical malpractice lawsuit, the drug was refilled until the appointment.

I was so utterly disgusted by all of it that I gave my thirty days’ notice as their patient.  Finally, after hours of frazzlement, I began to speak soothing words to myself, as in, “go back to bed.  Get some rest. ”

My dog and I went into my cool and dark room and sleep “knit the raveled sleeve of care” for a time.

I woke up and checked my voicemail and there was a call from the petty administrator saying she was sorry she had missed my call and that the Rx had been called in.

I have gone up against district attorneys, county deputies, probation officers, nursing home administrators, clinic administrators,  an entire clinic-full of orthopedic specialists, , the chancellor for the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado.

As a vulnerable little girl, as an adolescent and on into my adult life, I didn’t know how to protect me from bad things.  I wandered into the arms of a whole bunch-a renegades before I got it that I was being used rather than loved.

I know how to protect me now; I can produce a motion for District Court in under ten minutes.  I know how to try to negotiate reasonably before filing a motion. In recent months,   I have been trying to live life open and unarmed;  I’m really, really sick of fighting, and getting sucked in to things that would take a Dream Team to sort out.  The Jedi, who generally does acknowledge her own part in things, wants to lay down her sword of light.

But how unfortunate that the truism “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is truly true, and  that some people–those who view themselves as untouchable– are very often not reasonable or fair and  have to be wrestled to the ground in the most in-your-face ways to honor the law of the land.