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Birth has always fascinated me. I have also been trying to teach myself how to properly putvideos on my blog to be viewed by anyone, not just “in-house” on Blogger and WordPress.  See instructions I found and link to helpful video at bottom of this post.  They must be embedded, not simply linked to.

Please enjoy these, bearing in mind that if they hadn’t been meant for sharing, they would have been blocked.  Comments welcome.  And, a necessary GRAPHIC alert….

Ever seeking inspiration, we keep returning to life itself.

Poor Sasha!

Everything, it seems, comes into life with a BIG splash!

It doesn’t work to simply grab a link and use the little icon in the visual editor on Word Press.  Here is what you  have to do:

Next to any publicly shared video there will be a box that says “embed video” or get video code. You must follow this process:
Hit get embed code; when the code appears size the video from the options beneath the code window.

Then, use the right click on the mouse to select the code, copy the code, and close You Tube.

Open your blog, click on your draft post. Go up to the right hand tabs and switch from the visual editor to the HTML editor, then paste in the code where you want the video, again either with right click on mouse or control-v. You will immediately see a block of code. Then hit save draft and switch back to the visual editor to finish the post.  Most of the code will disappear but it has been embedded, one hopes.  You can hit return after the link and type in a caption or more text.

Repeat this process for all videos. Do not try to use the little icon because then your videos only show up on Blogger and WordPress.  These directions are illustrated in a video current for WordPress 2.9 and above, what we have, here.