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Things of Note

Thirty years ago this June, I was married in the backyard of my family home in my mother’s wedding dress by a Justice of the Peace.  I made goat’s milk vichyssoise and coq au vin for 65 guests, and passed out immediately after the ceremony.  A year later we divorced, having discovered we had little in common but, perhaps, a love of dairy goats.

Twenty years ago this June,  I met my friend and companion Doug when we had our horses boarded at the same place.

Nineteen years later this June, our colt Dusty Kiss (D.K.) was born to our flea bitten grey Arabian mare Majesty.  They looked just like this.  The pictured foal will go grey.

The neighbors’ hay is down.  Usually this means it’s going to rain.  In fact with that storm warning- infernal buzzing and screeching on NPR tonight we were told that rain was coming in.  We could see veils of it over the foothills to the west, but strangely, for once, it blew northeast.

The fragile, redolent piles of cut hay that could be blackened by one hard rain belong to one sullen neighbor to the south and another sullen neighbor to the  north: non-neighborly men who keep to themselves and who each year cut their alfalfa fields for the first time for the season only to have it soaked.

Last week this time, the lilacs were in full bloom and when I bumped down the lane their smell filled the cab of my pick up.  The rains of a few weeks ago have greened up the pasture; the grass is high and now we have swarms of mosquitoes at dusk.  Mental Note: break out the Cutter’s.

The Eaton ditch that feeds the farmland across northern Colorado is swelling.  In short, it is a voluminous and beautiful spring.

Things Perceived

Ala the earlier post I decided was too long and made too many demands upon the reader, someone within me has been trying to go home, to conflate a series of relationships into a family, for decades.  She is hung up, unable to say good-bye, unable to say hello.  I can e-mail this piece to anyone interested but I’m not sure I will put it back up on the blog.

Things Talked About/Mulled Over:  WWII, more of what happened, so that I can understand more of our cultural and political past–The Big Bang Theory, stunning fact that universe continues to expand, reminiscence of things past– proposals of marriage and that courtship appears to be pase’. That everything is becoming and living out a cycle and dying back with other things becoming, living out a cycle and dying back into an unknown source.

Things Read today:

A blog post by Lauren Davis on She Writes on The Writing Life and depression: terrific.

Poem by Ami Mattison: terrific.

Recipe for a Poet post, Maureen Doallas, lots of fun, interesting responses.

The twilit sky, the script of the clouds.

Things Done and in the Doing:

More writing of draft of  novella, a spin-off of my memoir, in which a very autobiographical character returns to Calabria— I couldn’t bear to leave what I had found. It does me good to write of good things happening, far away. I intend to return to this place to live as an ex-pat.

Giving up on MS Office bad e-bay installation CD, and downloading the free and so far fabulous Jarte word processor.

Frustrations:  So many.  Regrets: numerous.

Gratitude:  Yes.

Fortitude level: o.k.

Music tonight: Brahms– Yo Yo Ma, Emmanuel Ax.