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I swear to God, someone should take all of the GOP members of Congress out behind the Capitol and whip their asses until they beg for mercy.

Remember the days when people spanked children for misbehavior?  These purported grown-ups need and deserve an ass-whuppin’.

There is no valid reason to block the debate on the financial reform necessary to forestall another meltdown.

Once again the Republicans to a man and woman are engaging in obstruction rather than carrying out their mandates to make life easier on their constituents.

They are doing this because they hate Barack Obama.  They hate him because he is black, articulate, strong, courageous and has called them on their b.s.  They hate him because he is not some percocet-addled Pillsbury Doughboy spewing bullshit on talk radio as if he really has something to say.  Rush Limbaugh has poisoned more minds and hearts against Obama, dividing the country in the process, than any single individual in this country and set civility and discourse in politics back fifty years.

Meanwhile, on cluster Fox, the ultimate pasty white freak Glenn Beck said last week that parents should pull their kids out of public school before they are subjected to socialist brainwashing.  This is the guy who sees hidden messages on the outer walls of 30 Rock.  I am going to put it plainly; he speaks for the lowest most illiterate and craziest element of our society, mainly concentrated in the “deep” south.

It is fat white men with ED who despise Obama, and who are making it impossible to get anything done in Washington.   If anyone reading this has bought into the paranoid crap that has polarized this country, from the Tea Partiers to the new vigilantes on the Arizona border and the failure of reason and abdication of responsibility bringing on the immigration crisis,  here is what you should do:

Inform yourselves.  Find out the truth.  Find out that Barack Obama’s birth certificate really does state that he was born in Hawaii.  Why the hell should he have to produce the original for anyone.  He was elected by the majority of the American people and he is the President of the United States.  The paranoid lunatic right  has done everything but spit on him,  and the other day somebody in North Carolina  tried to shoot him.

Shame of shames on the new low-class, rhetoric spewing,  fulminating and irresponsible people who misrepresent themselves  for the money and power to hole up in Washington making water balloons and worse.