Fellow Cyber Voyagers:

I’ve posted this day on my political commentary page, a little diatribe.

Bear with me; those of you subscribing are getting notice of posts then pulled, as I come to terms with what to leave up, what to put on its own page.  I’ve also switched to a new browser.

Please feel free to send on links, leave comments, and sign up to receive notification of new posts. I also invite you to view my website– see Andrews on the Web–which I laboriously built with a “wizard” and custom graphics…aaargh.

Below I have posted the Prologue to the collection of memoir-vignettes that I have been unveiling on my blog– a work in progress.  See William Zinsser’s comments on memoir writing.  He say to write down a memory every day that has a beginning and an end and put it away– to do this for some time and then go back and see what patterns and themes emerge and put the pieces together.  That makes sense to me.

Again, all comments welcome; may we nourish and encourage each other as we write.