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Politics as Usual:  This morning on Morning Joe, an engaging dalliance among Adrienna Huffington, Mika Brzezinksi, and the Scarborough wind-up G-I-Dunno Joe.  I just wish Joe would be quiet and let his panoply of superstars talk.  Interesting clips of the exchange between Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilley yesterday; Stewart skewered the curmudgeon, I think.  And, interesting bits on Rahm Emmanuel’s mouthiness.  I am a civil rights and disability rights advocate and people are just going to have to get tougher skins.  Nobody using the R word intends to bash the disabled.  Are all mothers going to rise up whenever somebody lowers the discourse level by saying “M-F….”?  Free speech is or isn’t.  Sara Palin saw an opportunity to power up her image on Facebook in calling for Emanuel’s resignation: how absurd.

Web Journal Entry:

Yesterday was a better day after several days of trying to make myself produce something of value despite being tired and a little burned out.

About midway through the afternoon yesterday, it felt to me that it was past time to get out of here for awhile and I did.  Tess and I went to Walmart, a daunting task for me, as I have to take the walker out of the truck, half-skate into the store and transfer to one of their scooters.  This I did, to my delight: it was something I’d been avoiding.

I set out toward the pharmacy, newly aware of the fact that people shopping in a hurry, especially if they’re talking on their phones, don’t look down.  It’s interesting to me that if your legs work and you are fully upright, you are only half-aware of anything going on out of your line of vision.

So I had to dodge people, giving a wide berth to parents with babies in arms; the babies noticed me, became wide-eyed and smiled, and I smiled back.  I drove very slowly to keep from taking out racks of clothing, or catching a shelf-full of protein bars with the corner of the basket on the front of the scooter.

I pulled up to the pharmacy and after various machinations, retrieved my prescription, had someone hand me a box of protein bars, and with great relief, went back to the foyer, and got out and into the walker again.  Then, dodging traffic, I made it back to the truck.

I was so relieved that I told Tess we’d go to a hamburger joint.  We went to Wendy’s and I got her her own cheeseburger and fries, and we split a frosty.  then we split an extra frosty.

Tess seems unperturbed by very hot fries.  She has developed a taste for leaf lettuce, tomato, onion; she eats the entire burger in two bites, and savors the fries, the tip of her tail thumping.  We listened to the radio while we ate,, parked in the dark under a tree.  We really lived it up; we escaped the tight circle of rooms and wearying domestic routines that wear me out so that typically when I’m done, it’s back to bed.

The hardest thing to me about aging and disability is the loss of motivation.  Something happens; there is some voice that begins to whine, something within that becomes fearful.  Your world shrinks easily, if you don’t push yourself.

Everybody says it’s about balance.  So, there’s a time to try to send something of consequence out into the world, and a time to pull in and slow down.  It’s a beautiful, crisp morning here in Colorado.  A light sprinkling of snow, twinkly lights still up in Old Town, and mercifully still, the ability to lay my hands on the keys and communicate with other cyber voyagers.

I’ll end this post with a quote from a blog– “The net effect of poetry is that it stops time with its beauty”.  I loved this–will cite later.  That would be the case with all great art, I think….