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Bio- Short Version

Jenne’ Rodey Andrews is a lyric poet  with roots in the American West and Southwest, self-publishing a pamphlet of poetry at 16, professionally publishing her first poem in The Colorado Review in 1969 under the guest editorship of Canadian force of nature and prolific poet Tom Wayman.  Mentored by Robert Bly, Bill Tremblay and Mary Crow, she is the author of four published collections of poetry, her current manuscript Mater Mysterium Est a finalist for the Autumn House Prize in 2014 and under circulation to 2019 publication contests.

Andrews’ current life and work are informed by the fact that she is at 69, the matriarch of a nexus of pioneer families who settled in territorial Albuquerque after the Civil War. She bears as her first name the surname name of her great-grandmother Naomi Ruth Jenne, descendent of one John Jenne, a Dutch brewer who sailed to Plymouth Rock aboard the Little Anne, and the middle name of her great-grandfather, Bernard Shandon Rodey, an influential visionary who emigrated from County Mayo, Ireland to New Mexico Territory in the final years of the nineteenth century, whose achievements include founding the University of New Mexico.

The poet lived in Albuquerque until she was twelve, notably in a picturesque post-war adobe, cloistered for long hours with her mother, brilliant and self-destructive New Mexico painter & playwrite Helen Stamm Andrews nee Helen Jenne’ Stamm, relying on her lively imagination & the comforting lyrics of the poetry in A Child’s Garden of Verse, Robert Louis Stevenson, to populate a rich inner life. She counts among her encouragers, her father, mother, brother and indomitable aunt Winifred Stamm Reiter, journalist and anthropologist who was all things to a 30’s magazine called Digs about the Anasazi excavations at Chaco Canyon, NM. Aside: with others, the poet believes that American anthropologists have been unfairly discredited by tribes who woke up to their cultural pasts beginning in the 70’s, demanding return of their artifacts that had been lovingly and carefully preserved by those highly trained graduate students who under the direction of such luminaries as Clyde Kluckhohn,  excavated entire ruins under the blazing sun.

About the Work

Andrews’ poetry, copiously published in the 70’s and 80’s, with a reappearance in signature journals in the ‘tweens of the 2000’s,  is noted for its indelible lyricism,  faceted brilliance of language and imagery, and thematically speaking,  an impassioned vision for both the richly storied identity born of her southwestern pioneer roots and on the other, transfiguration through a “melding” with the Other and identification with the “passionate transitory” of the natural world.   Her influences include  the American Confessional School, the work of Theodore Roethke, Tess Gallagher, D.H. Lawrence, William Butler Yeats, Walt Whitman and the finally honed early poems of Adrienne Rich.

Her published works include In Pursuit of the Family a modest volume published by her mentor Robert Bly and the Minnesota Writers Publishing House. Reunion, Lynx House Press, Christopher Howell, Editor, appeared in 1983.  Her most recent collection is  Blackbirds Dance in the Empire of Love, an expanded chapbook issued by Finishing Line Press  with commentary by literary luminaries Dawn Potter, Jim Moore, and Patricia Kirkpatrick, and cover art by the brilliant mixed media artist Jonathan Sokol. Copies of this collection may be ordered signed from the poet; see contact info in the sidebar.




On the boards: the dual-language collection Bocca, Voce, Delirio/Mouth, Voice, Delirium – Poems of Italia & Amore with consiglieri Prof. Enzo Castel di Lama and the brilliant Italian poetess R. Alba della Sora.  See About the Blogger for more details.

The poet recently withdrew her manuscript from Salmon Poetry, Ireland, to protest anti-American sentiment promoted by the publisher. 

Andrews earned three degrees at Colorado State University, culminating in the Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing/Poetry, the equivalent of the Ph.D.; she is a Fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts in Literature.   Autumn House Press founder Michael Simms considers Andrews’ work significant for the strength of its voice and mastery of craft. Indeed, recent kudos include becoming a finalist in the 2014 Autumn House Poetry Prize Contest and to have circa twenty poems appear in Vox Populi, Professor Simm’s content-rich visionary online ‘zine of poetry and politics betweem 2016-17. These may be accessed via typing her name into the Vox search box. A sample poem follows.

Intrepid Eye, Majestic World

How beautiful the eye is, flecked
with the residual color
of the terrain—nightfall
in the blue canyons, goldenrod
selvage of sea cliff. Sun-kissed–
the amplitude of the turning earth.
It is we who slip out of view
of the platinum gaze of the moon,
the blazing and ardent stare
of the sun.
And think of it, lovemaking–
the lover’s darkly intense eye
half-closed in the swoon
of desire…
the tears brimming at its edges,
above all, inescapable day,
filling the eye to overflowing–
the panorama of living things
against the pale slate
of morning.


We say that we feast our eyes
upon the Other, the opacity
of the horizon; sentinels,
we look and discern;
is the heart obedient to the eye
or the reverse?
On-living, I claim
the visible; I lock it into the cache
of imagery denoting the world; imagine
the explorer’s gaze,
unflinching at the ice-cap necklace
of a polar sea
or filled with the sunset–
Cortez or Coronado, astounded
by the red bluffs, the tender sweep
of the desert vista—how storied
sleep then rescues us, drawing down
the shades lightly—
Or that we see in concert
with the plenitude of touch—
remarkable, that we name and dream,
envisioning farther terrain even
in the crepuscule, even
it is said, at the moment
when breath releases
the spent body,
when the haggard will
importuned by death
lets go, and the animate “I”–
that sensate cluster of heartbeat,
vision and yearning–
disperses into evening air.

This poem first appeared in Vox Populi in 2016.

More of Andrews’ work is posted to La Parola Vivace and her memoir Nightfall in Verona.

The poet is an inveterate blogger and civil rights advocate, founding a disability advocacy organization in the early 2000’s and blogging civil rights and politics at this web address. She lives with her companion fiction-writer Jack Brooks and seven cream-coated English Golden Retrievers in the Poudre River valley in northern Colorado. contact info in sidebar.


Professor Andrews at 69 in 2018

.For a closer look at the poet’s remarkable oeuvre & the influence of place and family upon her work, please migrate to About the Blogger.  Scroll down to current post.

A Bad Day for Liars and a Mighty Day for the Written Word, the Constitution and We the People


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What a great day was Monday this very week for the First Amendment and the Free Press, in a time in which the Bald Eagle of freedom is molting, noose-happy white supremacist anachronistic antebellum-orientated (sic) Confederate dull knives are being voted into the Senate in the racism belt, and Trump orders ongoing tear-gassing of exhausted refugees lawfully seeking asylum at the U.S. border.

And breaking all over the place today and tonight:  Two indicted Mueller Investigation figures, caught in lies, one withdrawing his plea, the other’s plea revoked.  Turns out that two people, one Jerome Corsi and one Paul Manafort, one little fish, one big fish, have been dissembling and worse.

Were it not for tremendous, diligent reporting we would not know tonight that Manafort has likely been functioning as Trump’s mole and Corsi suddenly decided not to take a plea, exposing himself to prosecution.

Worst of all is the inescapable conclusion that Donald Trump worked one of his criminal deals with his former campaign manager, perhaps with the bumbling assistance of his new AG or even at his suggestion:  take the deal, plead guilty, pretend to sing and tell us what they want. Pardon me, Pardon you? 

The lid has been blown off Trump’s further obstruction of justice and in the coming days we will see how vulnerable he has made himself now.  According to incoming House Intel head Adam Schiff, very vulnerable indeed.

Does this kind of thing rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors?  Hell fucking yeah.  Wait for it…

How very problematic, terrifying and wrong it is to have for a U.S. President, someone working for Russia, whose “Trump Organization” likely launders Russian money, in a word a traitor disguised as a President, who has ginned up the albino bed bugs, they from the hills who fearing extinction and the heat of Truth upon their white carapaces, would today in 2018 still take out Jews at a bris and lynch a black person.

But a mote of sun, some illumination and a glimmer of hope lies in the exposure of the beetles put on their backs, where once we obtain what we need to know, we should grind them into the dirt.  In one day we have learned the following from The Guardian, The New York Times, NBC, The Washington Post and other outlets:

That Birther flake and Roger Stone pal Jerome Corsi had foreknowledge of Julian Assange’s cache of Clinton e-mails from the Putin GRU hack and Assange’s plan to release them as an October Surprise in the U.S. election.

That Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone e-mailed about this and that Corsi agreed to contact Assange via an intermediary; Stone, known to have highly placed involvement with the Trump bid asked Corsi to see what Assange had, so that it is further clarified that Stone was a key player and conduit of information to the top of the Campaign.

That because Corsi himself decided to provide the draft of the Mueller Plea agreement he has now rejected to WaPo in which his lies, according to Mueller’s prosecutors, are outlined, for the first time we see from the Mueller team, the statement that Stone had conveyed the existence and potential usefulness of the hacked material to Donald Trump himself i.e. Trump is named.

Meanwhile, tonight we learn through a fresh as French bread story in the NYT that Paul Manafort’s lawyer, after Manafort entered into a plea deal with Mueller and appeared to all to have “flipped,” has for months been feeding information to the White House; that this has infuriated the Mueller prosecutors and according to MSNBC pundits is likely to infuriate the Judge in the case when Mueller outlines the nature and extent of the Manafort double dealing. 

Matthew Whitaker, Trump’s highly unqualified appointee put in place to thwart the Mueller investigation at Justice i.e. to quash indictments coming through for his signature from the Grand Jury, has been rendered impotent by these developments, despite the fact that he spent part of his career designing man-toilets for “the well-endowed.” How do you like your improbably touted 12” now, Counselor?

Here then is the narrative emerging from the aggregate of the reporting just today:

Manafort’s connections to Assange predate the Trump run by five years. Manafort would have been the first to know that Assange had the e-mails, that they had been provided by the Russian GRU; it is possible that Manafort might have promoted the hack idea to Russia as an intermediary for Assange to Putin but probable that Manafort has been working for Putin for many a moon.

Manafort, who had been living in Trump Tower on his dirty money for years, then goes to Trump and offers his services. Read: tells Trump what he can do for him, how he can deploy all of the skill with which he helped mastermind the Russian incursion into Crimea and the Ukraine and shore up the Putin-backed President there. Let’s not forget either that once Manafort was put in place the GOP plank became more lenient toward Russia in re the Ukraine situation.

As implicit in all of this reporting, it has to be Trump himself who then delegates contact with Corsi to Stone, ultimately dispatching his longtime fellow corrupt operative to the Ecuador Embassy in London to see Julian Assange and be Trump’s eyes and ears on what Assange has, perhaps asking him to clarify why he wants to thwart the Clinton run.

Assange tells him, we know from other sources and Guardian reporting, that he despises and fears Clinton and thinks he’d get leniency from Trump on his hack of DOD material in 2010.

Ecuador and indubitably the Brits have been surveilling the Embassy, naturally and appear, other sources say, to have video of Corsi and Stone coming and going from it around the time of the formation of the Campaign. This is very bad for Trump.

We understand now the reasons for recent tweets including one last week in which Trump angrily took up his attacks on the Mueller probe once more and said it was off the rails. Trump is said to have been infuriated that he was named in the Corsi Plea paperwork, which he saw right before Thanksgiving; of greatest possible significance is, of course, the implicit assertion that Trump is likely to have been in on everything and signing off on everything from the beginning.

“No collusion, no collusion,” gracks the Raven on the LSD of denial as Mueller’s probe enters via the rear-entry target hiding in its combed-over tail feathers.

Let’s call Trump busted yet again for obstruction and collusion. Again.

We don’t yet know how our best outlets obtained the damning info about the feeding of information from Manafort’s faux cooperation to the WH.

But tonight on MSNBC’s Maddow, Ranking Member of the House Intel Committee Adam Schiff in his pleasant way, simply said as he begins to ascend to head of the House Intel Committee, “We will have to see what incentives Trump offered Manafort.” Read subpoena of Manafort’s lawyer. Let your imagination count the how do I love thee subpoenas to come.

Read, more information passed from the House Intelligence Committee come the dawn to Mueller that might ramp up this little game between Donald Trump and Paul Manafort to ”high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Oh, Mr. President. Please do pardon Paul Manafort. I forget which pundit today opined that “the tectonic plates would shift” in the Country. “Perhaps even the Senate.” Oh, right. It was the inveterate Fed Harry Litman.

Mueller’s people, i.e. Andrew Wiseman upon whom much dirt has been thrown by the Right, leaned hard on Manafort re what he knew about the Trump meeting wherein the former was present. Then there’s the fact that a few weeks ago we learned through a rare slip-up that Assange had been charged.

The Right, i.e. Giuliani and co-spinners on Trump TV are trying to undermine all of this, throwing dirt at Mueller. But are they not all impotent before the hegemony of Justice itself, not the DOJ, but Lady Justice? She who stands athwart the firmament itself with her constellated scales?

Le belle dame sans merci ne s’amuse pas…..

There’s no question that Trump leaned on the Manafort intel in drafting his answers to the Mueller questions.

We don’t know the extent of involvement of this merry band of corrupt lawyers in the White House and the Manafort team. But now, we can see if we but open our eyes, what has happened. Trump and Manafort have made a deal.


We only know what we can with our very good brains, what we can synthesize and store in the cranium as powerful knowing through careful scrutiny of the panoply of fast-moving revelations provided to we the people by the Free Press in the world, foreign and domestic.

We can only wonder how many times today the traitor and unindicted co-conspirator Donald John Trump, son of a German immigrant who made a fortune by cheating on his taxes, who in 1922 rewarded our then lenient immigration policy by joining the KKK and who inculcated his son with “hatred of men with black hair,” to reach back to Bly’s  mid-career work during Vietnam, that the son of such a father rose to power with the help of the Russians.

Don’t discredit MI 6’s Christopher Steele anymore;  buy and read the dossier. “Feed Your Head,” “golden showers” and all.

All of this rolls into but one thing: treason. Shame on America if we do not, to borrow from Obama’s playbook, say that a chair is a chair, pour gasoline on it, and set the fucking thing on fire.

Copyright Jenne’ R. Andrews November 27, 2018….reblog or share but plse attribute c/ my thanks.  j