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Jenne’ R. Andrews, 2016


Jenne’ R. Andrews is an American lyric poet; her poetry is noted for its musicality, emotional power and  luminosity of imagery. Autumn House founder Michael Simms has found her work significant for both voice and craft. Early mentors include Robert Bly, Canadian poet Tom Wayman, former Colorado Poet Laureate Mary Crow, master poet Bill Tremblay, Pulitzer Prize winner Maxine Kumin and other luminaries of her generation.

In 2018 or 2019, of especial interest and great meaning to the poet,  her  second book length collection of poetry, And Now, the Road, will be published by the preeminent  international house Salmon Poetry Ltd, Knockeven, the Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland, Jessie Lendennie, Publisher.   The collection was also a finalist for the 2014 Autumn House Poetry Prize.  The House recently issued a thirty-fifth anniversary anthology received favorably throughout the UK. 

Sometime in 2017 a second Finishing Line collection, Bocca, Voce, Delirio – Mouth, Voice, Delirium– Poems of Italia and Amore, , will launch with a true bonus; an e-book translation of the work  by Professor Lorenzo Luciani, New York State University, and the great Tuscan poet Rosalba DiVona.  Visit the collection’s online home: Bocca, Voce, Delirio, Poems of Italia and Amore.  

An expanded chapbook from Finishing Line Press, Blackbirds Dance in the Empire of Love, appeared in 2013, receiving high praise by her contemporaries.   Copies of this book are available from Finishing Line; signed copies are available from the poet via

Andrews’ early collections of poetry include In Pursuit of the Family, edited and published by Robert Bly and the Minnesota Writers’ Publishing House and Reunion, Lynx House Press, Christopher Howell, Publisher. Also in the seventies, before ever completing a B.A.,  she was full-time Poet in Residence to the St. Paul Schools, and won both a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Literature and a Minnesota State Arts Board grant.

In 1974, invited by NPR’s Caroline Marshall, the poet traveled to Italy, ultimately taking a train alone down the coast to Reggio Calabria to rendezvous with a lover.  A sense of place richly informs Andrews’ oeuvre and thus southern Italy, New Mexico and Colorado background her work.

Returning to Colorado in 1978, the poet completed her bachelor’s degree and went on to take both M.A. and MFA degrees at Colorado State University.  She has taught composition, literature and creative writing at CSU and The University of Colorado.

After twenty years of raising Golden Retrievers in Colorado, the poet lost most of her mobility in a fall from a horse.  She has since devoted herself to a full time writing life, becoming a proficient political blogger,  and posting reviews of new collections of poetry to this blog.

Andrews’ passions include loving and breeding English Cream Golden Retrievers, creating exquisite collectible baby dolls, civil rights advocacy and lately, blogging about politics in the regressive wormhole of the Trump presidency.  She lives with her husband, fiction writer Jack Brooks, and dogs Angelo, Paris, Malibu and Scherzo on six acres on the county line in northern Colorado.


This blog has been a work in progress since early 2010. Nearly 130,000 overall views and counting. Here is a wonderful compliment from a friend and blog follower: “Your creative gifts, your activism, and your sharp intellect make this world a better, more transparent, more honest, beautiful place.”

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What’s in a Name…PC Goes Out the Window…

It just never quite goes away,  the hot rage I feel at so many things.

I have been trying to address it, and not give the power to things to upset me–but it’s hard to undo sixty-eight years of learning the art of the insult that began with a mother who spewed verbal diarrhea and recrimination at everyone.

But rage is what we should all be feeling toward the Trump administration, the bad actors among the personnel, what has transpired in a mere three weeks.

At the moment this anger attaches to Stephen Miller, a senior Trump advisor, who appears to have written the piece of drek that Trumpsky bellowed at the inauguration—and fast forward to last week, that he played surrogate and spin doctor on the talk shows.

Miller appears to be Trump’s little wind-up doll, and the kind of ubiquitous self-aggrandizing player I can’t stand.  He is a reflection of Trump’s erratic and incomprehensible choices.  I just tried to find him on Twitter; if anyone out there knows what his handle is, let me know.

Miller represents the worst of the ethnic stereotype, inviting, with his sense of entitlement and arrogance,  the antisemitic feelings no one is supposed to have ever, let alone admit to.


David Corn and Mother Jones are right that Miller is an odd man out in being both a.  a Jew and b. a White Nationalist.

Miller recently aroused the ire of Joe Scarborough, who last week on Morning Joe was clearly itching to call him something really bad.

If Herr Trump is impeached or deposed per Amendment 25, he will have to look in the mirror, but he will also need to look at, and see, what he has done to us all with the treacherous General Flynn, the white supremacist asshole Bannon, and, it would seem, the little  puppet Stephen Miller, who is in love with himself.  Maybe Trump has a thing for him–you know, that sort of thing.

Bugger,  what we couldn’t do with some ripe footage of presidential indiscretions.