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The Great White Shark That is About to Devour America


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Some time ago I saw a documentary on the Great White shark.  I was mesmerized by the evolutionary engineering that has turned this remarkable creature into a streamlined killing machine.  Its ability to sense vulnerable prey from miles away, all senses attuned, is overwhelming evolutionary mastery.

The Great White performs feats of massacre, sometimes breaching into mid-air with live prey in its maw.  It does so with the cold dispatch and detachment of something alien to warm-blooded humanity.

With a few exceptions.  We have something else in our midst at this moment, on this day, at the hour and minute of the writing of this post that has we the American people in its sights.  It is the Great White Predator that is Donald J. Trump, a wealth and power crazed lumbering billionaire with his ursine hair– who seems inhuman and inhumane to me.  In his disaffection for all creatures that surround him and meet his needs, his singleminded penchant for conquest of land and women,  he has the characteristics one would find in his subterranean counterpart, the denizen of the deep.

I felt this way yesterday about Trump, when I realized that his gift, the reason he is where he is, is that he has an indefatigable ability to detect blood in the water.  He is able to zone in on his opponent’s vulnerabilities, to kneecap him and deal the coup d’gras to his last grasp on his failing enterprise.  He has a nose for when to strike at the heart of another country in order to own a piece of it and develop it into one of the monuments to his outrageous and insatiable ego in buying up land in Scotland for one of the giant turds on the skyline he calls Trump Towers.

He is a sexual predator of the first order; women are ornaments for him, like an expensive suit, an accoutrement he can wear on his arm.  Everyone around him exists to feed his ego, to make him feel powerful, important.

He now has effectively begun, thanks to logic-challenged red staters– to take the United States of America into his insatiable maw in becoming the Republican party’s nominee for the presidency.  Like the Great White, he is amoral in his pursuit of a trophy kill.  He has no true affiliation with the common man and woman–only with what he can possess.

He outdid himself today when he opened his mouth in Florida in response to the Wikileaks’ hacks of DNC e-mails that were leaked to the press two days ago, and the credible intel that Russians are behind at least some of the hacking.  “Russia, if you can hear me, I hope you can find the 30,000 missing e-mails.”

The sterling beefy Gingrich tried to walk this outrageous moment back in calling it a joke.Gingrich also said people should be outraged that the Secretary of State compromised national security and not picking on Trump.  But Madame Secretary Clinton, while unthinking in her conduction of state business on non-secure servers, has not invited an historical enemy, a problematic world power, to cyber attack us.

Urging a cyber attack on the United States of America, for a candidate for the presidency, a party nominee to do so, is treasonous.

Donald Trump should be arrested for his invitation to Russia to invade us in acts of cyber terrorism.  There is no difference between training Muslim jihadists to drive big jets and launch them at skyscrapers full of other human beings,  and an invitation to Russia to commit acts of cyber-terrorism, plundering the fabric of our communication system for things to use against his own country. .

He should at this time be considered an enemy of the US, jerked from his candidacy and brought to trial in federal court.

Even more expeditiously; Barack Obama should summon the same Navy Seal Team that took out Bin Laden to Trump Towers to put an end to this brainless, pig-eyed, out of control lump of protoplasm who is the greatest threat to our safety and integrity as a country since Bin Laden.

You wouldn’t want a Great White swimming in your bathtub, would you?  One that doesn’t care what he has to do to divide his own country, to alarm, terrify, terrorize and disrupt our ability to function?  A mindless, unthinking, illogical, reckless creature, at the helm of your home?

Because today, no one is laughing at what Donald Trump said.  If you are laughing, you are as stupid as he is, as low-class, as reckless and un-American as he is.  In fact, if you vote for him, you advertise yourself as a dumb-fuck, a sham, a charlatan, someone disingenuous when you declare yourself a loyal American.  He needs to be taken care of the way we took care of Osama bin Laden– offed, with minimal collateral damage, by a courageous team of the finest US special forces we have, his body dumped back into the sargasso he crawled out of.

That this piece of human excrement could be Commander in Chief is so surreal as to be unbelievable.  Off this pig.  Off him.  Do away with him, Hinckley, newly released today from the looney bin; here’s your next target.  You would be doing America a favor.



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