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Jenne’ R. Andrews, 2016


Jenne’ R. Andrews is an American lyric poet; her poetry is noted for its rich musicality,   brilliance and luminosity of imagery, and unabashed emotional risks. Autumn House founder Michael Simms considers her work significant for the strength of its voice and mastery of craft.

The poet’s work has appeared in literary journals since ’69; to date she has had five collections published. Early mentors include Robert Bly, Canadian poet Tom Wayman, former Colorado Poet Laureate Mary Crow, master poet Bill Tremblay, Pulitzer Prize winner Maxine Kumin, memoirist Patricia Hampl, and other luminaries of her generation.

Andrews’ early collections of poetry include In Pursuit of the Family, edited and published by Robert Bly and the Minnesota Writers’ Publishing House and Reunion, Lynx House Press, Christopher Howell, Publisher. Also in the seventies, before ever completing a B.A.,  she was four-year, full-time Poet in Residence to the St. Paul Schools, and won both a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Literature and a Minnesota State Arts Board grant.

An expanded chapbook from Finishing Line Press, Blackbirds Dance in the Empire of Love, appeared in 2013, receiving high praise by her contemporaries and a lauding letter from Mr. Bly.   Copies of this book are available from Finishing Line; signed copies are available from the poet via

Forthcoming Publication as of February 2017

Sometime in 2017 a second Finishing Line collection, Bocca, Voce, Delirio – Mouth, Voice, Delirium– Poems of Italia and Amore, , will launch with a true bonus; an e-book translation of the work  in Italian by Professor Lorenzo Luciani, New York State University, and the great Tuscan poet Rosalba DiVona.  Visit the collection’s online home: Bocca, Voce, Delirio, Poems of Italia and Amore.  

In 2018 or 2019, of especial interest and great meaning to the poet,  her  second book length collection of poetry, And Now, the Road, will be published by the preeminent  international house Salmon Poetry Ltd, Knockeven, the Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland, Jessie Lendennie, Editor and Publisher.   The collection was also a finalist for the 2014 Autumn House Poetry Prize.  Salmon recently issued a thirty-fifth anniversary anthology received favorably throughout the UK, the US and Canada. 

Roots, Travel and Passions

Andrews’ poetry is imbued with a strong sense of place, including her native New Mexico, Colorado and Minnesota.

In 1974, invited by NPR’s Caroline Marshall, the poet traveled to Italy, ultimately taking a train alone down the coast to Reggio Calabria to rendezvous with a Calabrese she met in Verona.  She became fluent in Italian, and has a great affinity for southern Italy and Sicily. In addition to her forthcoming collection of “Italiana,” she has self-published the memoir Nightfall in Verona to its own blog online.

Returning to Colorado from Minnesota in 1978, the poet completed her bachelor’s degree and went on to take both M.A. and MFA degrees at Colorado State University.  She has taught composition, literature and creative writing at CSU and The University of Colorado.

After twenty years of raising Golden Retrievers in Colorado, continuing to write on the fly but during an intentional break from US Arts and Letters, the poet lost most of her mobility in a fall from a horse in 2007.  She has since devoted herself to a full time writing life, becoming a proficient political blogger,  and posting reviews of new collections of poetry to this blog.

Andrews’ passions include loving and breeding English Cream Golden Retrievers, creating exquisite collectible baby dolls, civil rights advocacy and lately, blogging about politics in the regressive wormhole of the Trump presidency.  She lives with her husband, fiction writer Jack Brooks, and dogs Angelo, Paris, Malibu and Scherzo on six acres on the county line in northern Colorado.


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I am sick and tired of yammering liberal commentators talking about Donald Trump confronting Vladimir Putin at the Hamburg parlay, asking why he didn’t confront him, etc., etc.

At the RNC last year, regarding Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, Trump et al, with at a minimum tacit approval of congressional GOP leaders, a deal was struck.

The deal has been reported on by Buzzfeed, who has cajones, and who posted ex-MI6 Christopher Hill’s authoritative, credible read-out after he was hired by a GOP operative to look into the Russia Connection.

Mark my words: if Trump doesn’t further obstruct justice by firing Mueller, this is what will be learned and further corroborated..

The deal was a quid pro quo shored up by Russia’s possession of highly incriminating videotapes of Trump’s stay in the Moscow Ritz Carlton and other places.  It was this:

America takes any resolutions about the Ukraine and what Russia wants to do there off the table, off the GOP Agenda, and we’ll put you in the White House with our hacks, fake news, general disinformation.

And don’t forget, Presidenten Trumpen, we have those pesky detallen on you: that you hired six Russian whores to piss on you in the bed slept in by the Obamas to defile them.

Yes, populists, poor marginalized working class people who voted for this raging, tweeting buttplug of a President, this is your President.  This is what he did.  This is on a tape, with other compromat.

With both hands up his ass, Putin got Trump into the White House.  He owns Donald Trump.  Trump is his finger puppet.

The cast of characters implicated in messing around with the Russians include now Bannon, Kelly Ann Connor and who knows.  Last night it was reported that the NRA has been meeting their Russian counterparts, whatever that means, going on shoots together because they all love the Christian God and AK47’s.


Trump fed people steeped in lies and paranoia over Clinton more lies and more empty promises, and they elected him.  His win should have been challenged in the Supreme Court– Clinton got the sane vote, the popular vote.  You women who cast your ballots for Trump should be publicaly stripped and flogged, you are such unliberated traitors.

How do you like your fair-haired boy now, O Ye Populist brainless idiots, with your pea-sized intellects?  You effectively colluded with Russia yourselves in voting for this banghole.

Generally I don’t use language like this in a post.  But why fuck around.

Wait for it:  Trump will fire Mueller this week or next.  And in the face of raging obstruction of justice, the House of Representatives and Mr’s Weak Knees Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell, you will not get rid of this half-human joke in the White House; you don’t have one iota of courage in your tepid souls.

This man has undone nearly every progressive reform, program, or plan put in place by the brilliant, calm, strong as steel Barack Obama.  But we see the contrast now, those of us unafraid to look at what has befallen the US in the face.  Russian sympathizers live in the White House while Congress pretends to be running America.

Psychiatrists have come out in force to call a spade a spade, yet no one does anything.

When we got to this point during Viet Nam, some of us, the Weatherman Faction of SDS, took to the streets, smashing windows, setting things on fire or blowing them up, and knee-capping Mayor Daley.  You see, the War was wrong.  It had to end.  The visibly corrupt government needed to be overthrown.

Some of you Trumpettes weren’t even born during that era.  But we had a slogan, borowed from the Oslo Bard:  “It doesn’t take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

Out of the “Resistance,’ which can’t hold a candle to the Women’s Movement of the 70’s or the Anti-War Movement, or SDS, one can only hope for a few brave souls to go covert–and soon.

My solution for North Korea is to drone the palace.  I pray that is not what we the people must do to purify the White House of its resident traitors.