Always Loquacious, Always Interesting…

Welcome! Please scroll down for latest post. This blog has been a work in progress since early 2010. Nearly 30,000 overall views and counting. Here is a wonderful compliment from a friend and blog follower: “Your creative gifts, your activism, and your sharp intellect make this world a better, more transparent, more honest, beautiful place.”  You can read all about me  here. Scroll down for current post.


I am especially happy to announce my first collection of poetry in some thirty years, due out next month from Finishing Line Press, Blackbirds Dance in the Empire of Love; the work in this collection is recent and has received many kudos from the toughest audience of all– my fellow poets.


Please check out my creative work freely offered to the literate public on line at La Parola Vivace,  A Tu Placer (literary erotica) and my highly praised memoir Nightfall in Verona– all twenty-two chapters.  See page links. Check back here for book reviews and political notes. Note: archives at bottom of page.

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3 thoughts on “Always Loquacious, Always Interesting…

  1. I’m right there with you, Jenne. I suffered the same in childhood…but my mother was never held accountable for her cruelty: she is a path. narcissist, and of course these people never come in for a checkup. They are omnipotent in their own eyes, but the damage they do to everyone around them is uncaculable.

    We are exactly the same age: it has taken me many years to pull up and out of the damage of rejection, humiliation, etc…these things of life thrown at us who are left totally on our own.

    And I agree: I have no experience with AA, but I do know how different religions, churches, religious people, especially those pompous ones in your own family will continue the oppression. I was Episcopal, too. I left the church for many years, went back and there was no change at all. I joined recently, just for company, the UUs. (Unitarian Universalists) where they don’t push God or religion, but they do make room for all sorts of individuals.
    And that is what we are, and this is the only way to see ourselves, and that we are writers is a great gift.

    As long as we have breath in us, we develop along the course we set for ourselves….and try to embrace life…not people necessarily, but life as a great stage for our developement.

    My very best to you, Jenne.

    Lady Nyo

  2. The trouble is, behind the scenes, it is the military who run countries. There is money in wars.

    That is a beautifully tender poem; a great tribute.

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