This Just In…

Good Morning to all.

It’s my 62nd birthday– more on making it this far in a minute.  Hopefully my present to my followers will be a good belly laugh.

We have only to rerun Mitch McConnell’s nasty little sound bite of several days ago to remind ourselves that the agenda of the newly Republicanized House of Representatives will be to “take out” Obama.

There was no conciliatory “we’ll meet you part way, Mr. President” whatsoever in McConnell’s words or demeanor.

I wanted to rip his homely face off.

But then I made a discovery of something that just might be a solution to all of this billowing ill will casting the President as a demon and a foreigner.

Some company in southern China has produced a blow-up doll/kinky toy of Barack Obama.  Yup.  You can see it and read about it here and, yes, I regret to say it’s available at Amazon.

Now that's marketing!


Since McConnell and company want to f**** the president, we need to let them know that they have a great opportunity to take the edge off in a way consistent with the scurrilous backyard trash they are.

I know, not nice.  But then, consider that the 40%voter turnout just populated Congress with a gaggle of nuthatches whose ability to have their heads up their asses with their feet in their mouth defies reason.

In a word, it feels to me that this is not the time to be nice, placating or tolerant.  Let’s make it a goal, fellow Blue Americans, to wipe out McConnell, Boehner, Bachmann, Palin and their minions.  Let’s dig up dirt.  Let’s besmirch reputations and drag discourse into the gutter.

It seems to work.

In other news I turn 62 today by the skin of my unhappy teeth.  I have survived for a long time, the major benefit of which is to view myself as a survivor– at last.  That is the only benefit I can see to battling alcoholism and depression, dealing with loss on loss.

Naturally I’ve had a part in the dark things.  Thank the stars that we can find comfort and fulfillment in making art.

They say that Chopin felt brutalized by the world and retreated into his music until the end of his life.  I suspect that is true of any number of writers and artists.  May we create in fulfillment on this day!

9 thoughts on “This Just In…

  1. Happy Birthday! Our dates of celebration under the sign of Scorpio (drama and passion) are not so far apart. Mine was 11/2. I “became” 58.

    And now we know, too, that Bush’s “worst” moment of his presidency was a Kanye West remark. Not the horrors of 9/11, not the horrors of the Iraq invasion and Abu Ghraib and torture by waterboarding, not the horrors visited upon the people of New Orleans. . . but a “disgusting” remark that he was “racist”. Why am I not surprised?!

  2. Goooooood one Jenne! Gaggle of nuthatches indeed. Well, we won once; we will win again, if we — if we —- what the hell DO we have to do?????!!!!!

    Happy B-day to you and your teeth and their skin, from an Air Sign (Aquarius) to a Fire Sign. Keep on burning!! ; ]

  3. It was requested by a Facebook group (whose name I don’t recall) that everyone go to their local bookstore and move George W. Bush’s memoir, being released today, to the true crime section and to photogaph yourself doing so to post on their page. It’s a funny idea. Unfortunately, my nearest B&N is about 100 miles round trip.

    Happy Birthday. Take heart, you ain’t the oldest blogger on WordPress.

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